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Historical Timeline


Sanzone & Baker traces its beginnings to the firm of Whitehead & Associates, formed in Lynchburg, VA in 1855. Our firm draws on centuries of nationally-recognized litigation, and award-winning legal experience. From one generation of lawyers to the next, Sanzone & Baker, L.L.P., continues to contribute to landmark and precedent-setting cases in Virginia, and previously in the United States Supreme Court.


Preceding the first automobile, we pride ourselves in having a rich and well-established history of legal excellence in the state of Virginia, including

practicing in 27 of the 38 independent cities in Virginia, and in 66 of the 100 Virginia counties.


Sanzone & Baker, L.L.P. is further distinguished in being one of the few law firms to achieve a verdict of over 1 Million dollars and to have been consistently awarded high-profile cases throughout the state of Virginia.


Our commitment to service has allowed us to become one of the most noted litigation firms in the Lynchburg area, and it is something that we value deeply. 


While our history continues to lead and shape our current work, our approach to law and in serving our clients, is best reflected in our values.


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