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Our success is rooted in our history and values. These values form the foundational principles that define what we stand for as a law firm and as individuals. At Sanzone & Baker, our attorneys, paralegals and support staff are dedicated to the following core values:


Our firm draws on centuries of litigation and legal experience. From one generation of lawyers to the next, our firm has had the privilege of participating in landmark and precedent-setting cases in Virginia, and in the United States Supreme Court.


We strive for the highest quality and professionalism in everything we do. We have been recognized for our client service in the legal industry, and are dedicated to serving our clients effectively.


We are passionate. We have a range of specialized services to respond directly to the important needs of our clients.


We use a technology-enabled approach to managing legal processes, including modern forensics, issues of first impressions, and well-established research methods. 


We respect our clients and the law. We support and take pride in our firm and each other. 


We are a skilled team with extensive  experience that has allowed us to be awarded high-profile cases at the highest level.


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